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No one  knows when civilization started .Many believe it started in Mesopotamia 6000 to 7000 years back. But discovery inside southern Persia (burnt city) took that date 13000 to 15000 years back. Maybe another discovery somewhere else takes this date to more older ages .Finding a piece of metal or pottery that belongs to old ages is not only a challenge and thrill  but many times rewarding and people have gotten rich by selling a work of art that belonged to people and civilizations dating thousands and thousands of years back .

Among these ancient civilizations some are of more prominence. Persian,Greek ,Roman ,Egyptian, Indian and Chinese are better known ,last but not least American civilization of Incas, Mayas and Aztecs should be taken into notice.

Banks in its modern form started at most 200 years back .And in countries like Persia ,India ,Egypt ,� that there was no security for money ,people tended to turn their capital into Gold ,Diamonds ,silver and bury it inside  big walls or ground that no one can find them and take them away

Even kings or rulers in fear of enemies hid their treasury inside the ground ,but put some dangerous traps to protect them. Some of these traps were so intelligently built and designed that after thousands of years are working flawlessly today.Some people have lost their lives going after these big treasures.

Generation by Generation this practice continued and so many of these buried gold and diamonds never disclosed to anyone and never discovered waits for some people to challenge time and money to go after them .
From every 100 of these treasures that are discovered at most 2 or 3 of them are reported and publicized because in most countries these treasures are considered government or national property and not for people to take .

Despite punishment considered in many countries for this practice still the temptation and reward is more than the danger to hold people away from it.

It has been thousands of years that people go after treasure or precious relics of the past generations .This trend speeded up by invention of metal detectors .

The early or normal detectors have many faults and deficiencies if used for deep exploration and under ground searches .

Most important of all is that they can not discriminate between mineralization and real metal and other is that the penetration depth is very limited because they are not made for that deep searches of more than 2 meters .

OKM devices are the professional detectors that are made to detect up to 25 meters inside the ground and the numerous founds and discoveries with OKM devices prove their efficiencies .

All professionals working in Archeological field either have used OKM devices or know the quality and workability of them that always stands one head and shoulder above other detectors .

Not only each of OKM device is a professional device but also computer software of the devices designed by talented  computer geniuses makes the work so easy that there is no need to dig the ground to find out what is inside but with several scans and spending some time working with the program you can see and analyze  what is inside the ground up to very deep depths .

Unlike most factories the support is not concluded when you purchase one of the devices but with purchase of each of OKM devices ,you would be considered a member of OKM family and like a family member you will get all kinds of support and help that you might require and is in our ability to offer .

Even the work with our devices is simple ,you are being trained on the basics on the day you purchase the device ,if later you have a problem on how to work with the device(hard ware or software) ,then you can call or send email to our team of professionals and in the end if you have graphics that do not know how to analyze or want our advice then you can simply email them to us and our team of engineers will give you best advice.

We are happy to see you as a member of OKM family and welcome you inside the family ,so better take the challenge and if not in professional form we suggest that you take it as a hobby

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